Photo Challenges

I have been a member of the community for a while and have enjoyed participating in their challenges whenever I have an image that fits the requirement. Recently it looks like I’ve finally cracked into the top 10-20% and it’s been an honor to see my work appreciated by other photographers.

Here are several images from the last few challenges that I entered.

Feel free to click on each image below to view the original image.

My photo was voted Top 10% (finished at #40 out of 2,635 entries) in the Bright and Colorful challenge on See the entries at 
My photo was voted Top 20% (finished at #295 out of 1,793 entries) in the Jungle Inspired challenge on See the entries at:
My photo was voted Top 10% (finished at #121 out of 1,677 entries) in the Kids Being Kids challenge on See the entries at:
My photo of the Manhattan skyline was voted Top 10% (finished at #36 out of 2,630 entries) in the City Views photo challenge. See the entries at:

Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting my work and voting for my images on the website or just enjoying my images. It is VERY MUCH appreciated 🙂

2016 Half Moon Halloween Party

Since 2009, Studio Laurent Photography & Design has captured every Halloween party at Half Moon Sports Grill in north Phoenix, AZ. This year was no different and as usual, we had such an awesome crowd with tons of very cool and creative costumes… Definitely a very fun evening!

If you missed it, here are a few pics…

You can view the full gallery on my website at:


Photography Contest [Help needed!]

This summer while visiting my favorite area of Normandy (France), I entered another photography contest at the Jardin Botanique de Vauville (Vauville Botanical Garden). You can see my entry below:


If you like my image, please take the time to vote for it in the contest by clicking on the above image (it will take you directly to the image within the competition) and you can then just like the image directly on the Garden’s Facebook page.

Do you REALLY LIKE my image?… Please also share it with your family and friends for them to vote as well.

I would really appreciate all your assistance with this!

In advance, THANK YOU!!!!!

PS: By the way, if you would like to view other images I took of this beautiful garden during my visit, you can view my full gallery at


Honored To Win The Last Week of #CestBeauLaManche Summer Photo Contest!

I am VERY honored and happy that my image below taken this past August in the village of Vauville (Basse-Normandie, France) was selected as the winner of week #6 in the #CestBeauLaManche photography contest!

You can visit the original post below by “C’est Beau La Manche” ( to view the other beautiful winning images from the past six weeks of competition… but watch out as you’ll probably want to go visit Normandy if you haven’t yet!…

Personally I can’t wait to go back next year but in the meantime I promise to post more images very soon from my stay this past summer.

Le concours photos de l’été #CestBeauLaManche est terminé ! Plus de 1400 photos ont été postées tout l’été… merci et bravo à vous tous ! Il est maintenant l’heure d’annoncer le verdict final Pour commencer, voici les 2 photos gagnantes de la dernière semaine du concours : ✸ Bravo à Laurent Lanée qui remporte un…

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