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Telling stories through my photography is one of my favorite thing to do. So I thought I’d talk about a web-based publishing platform for photo essays that I discovered some time ago but which I have under-utilized until now (I plan on changing that by the way!) That website is (not .com but just .co).

What better way than to have a support with clean, elegant, high quality presentation that is image-driven instead of text-driven like a blog or a service like… not like there’s anything wrong with these!

Exposure Home Page offers an incredibly straight-forward and easy to use interface to create beautiful photo-driven stories.

As they describe it:

Our “what you see is what you get” editor lets you craft your post exactly as others will see it. Posts are completely responsive and are as gorgeous on your iPhone as they are on a giant display, all the while keeping your photography front and center…

Although you might wonder why I would use a service like if I already have a blog as it seems like it would have pretty much the same purpose as my blog? Well, I like using for personal photography projects or narratives that don’t really fit with the standard business model of Studio Laurent. I do enjoy using Instagram to feature some of my personal images (and sometimes business ones as well) but it’s not practical to include much more than a caption with extended text and stories. is designed specifically to showcase images beautifully with the flexibility to create different layouts, sizes, etc… On my blog here, I don’t feel like my images are truly showcased in the best way possible. I do like the layouts that I have available to me but felt like I needed something more at times. These days, most people have blogs where images are showcased in a simple and bland manner and where there’s nothing really special with the layouts. On the contrary, images on have a much stronger impact, in part due to these clean and flowing layouts. lets you include photos as well as videos with your text and it looks really neat and professional. Imagine creating a story from your vacation pictures and videos that looks like it was put together by a professional designer. The site also lets you add a category to your narrative. Adventure, Travel, Personal, Food & Drink, Family, Causes, Events, Local, Sports and just a few of the many categories to choose from. By the way likes to call each entry (or post) a narrative. Here’s the link to their Categories page if you want to browse through.

Exposure Categories

At this point, I don’t believe is a real game changer at helping you bring traffic to your own website or blog but it allows you to tell stories while showcasing your photography and videos in a very clean and professional way.

How much does cost? As of April 2016, you can publish three posts for free, after that plans start at $5 a month (or $49 a year) for unlimited narratives and they have other pro and business plans with added benefits like using your own domain, adding your logo, traffic stats and analytics and added typography options… So far I’ve only created a couple of narratives and limited myself to the free plan level but intend to upgrade to the next level as soon as I have more narratives to feature. Here’s the link to my page if you want to check it out (seen below).

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 1.57.53 AM

So how does it sound? is free to try and you can join me and create your first narrative by clicking here.

I look forward to reading your own stories on soon!

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