Above the Great Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel with Jérôme Houyvet

After blowing my own horn in my last couple of blog posts and talking about the beauty of Arizona, I figured that I would give my blog a big bowl of fresh ocean air while recognizing and promoting the work of fellow French (and also Canon equipped) photographer, Jérôme Houyvet of Lumières Marines (www.lumieresmarines.com), as he gets ready to release his new book in May 2016, entitled “Vol au-dessus de la Grande Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel” (Flight Over the Great Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel).


Jerome Houyvet - ProfileJérôme has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is a recognized specialist in aerial photography. He does beautiful aerial and seascape photography and videography but also covers many surfing and windsurfing professional events around the world.

He is a microlight pilot and is also experienced in aerial photography by helicopter, paramotor, ultralight, gyrocopter and drone. He has previously published several other beautiful books of aerial photography over the region of Normandy on the western coast of France.

In case you are not familiar with this region, the Great Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is located between Brittany and Normandy on the western coast of France, facing the waters of the English Channel. The Bay is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is the scene of the highest tides in Europe. The world famous abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel that sits on one of two islands in the Bay is a masterpiece of medieval architecture and is also one of France’s most recognizable landmarks.

In 2015, Mont-Saint-Michel where the abbey sits became an island again thanks to many years of studies and the dismantling of the old causeway. In this new book, Jérôme offers an original perspective on the new face of the “Great Bay” of Mont-Saint-Michel and brings us aboard his paramotor flight for an extraordinary journey around the Bay.

Book Cover - Vol Au-Dessus de la Grande Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel by Jerome Houyvet

Below is a short video trailer (which I strongly suggest you view in full screen at 1080HD with sound) introducing his upcoming book release and giving a preview of the landscapes featured in the book. The video is breathtaking and I cannot wait to discover the actual images from this new book.

Having discovered Jérôme only a few of years ago, I absolutely admire the quality of his work while being completely in love with his amazing photography and artistic vision. He is originally from the seaside village of Barfleur in Normandy where he runs his photo gallery and which I hope to visit soon. He is indeed located just a few miles away from the village of Vauville where I used to spend many vacations at my grand-parents’ house while growing up and where I will visit again this Summer.

If you speak French, you can also meet Jérôme through this video portrait:

or visit his photo & video production company website at: http://lumieresmarinesprod.com/indexanglais.html

The best part about this? You can order this new book (or any of his previous books) from anywhere in the world via his website or via his publishing company www.bigred1editions.com

I hope that you will enjoy the photography of Jérôme as much as I have and that this will possibly make you want to visit this beautiful region of Normandy, or at least discover more of Jérôme’s books.


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