Top 10 reasons to have an engagement session

10. It’s fun! Many people are not comfortable being photographed, which is why they think they want to avoid the Engagement Session. In all honesty, I am not always comfortable on the other side of the camera any more than you are! However, this is the time to GET comfortable! Couples often surprise themselves on the day of the engagement session. This will give you the confidence you need on the big day to relax and trust yourself in front of the camera. After your Engagement Session you’ll understand that having professional photographs taken is a fun a rewarding experience. It takes a lot of stress out of your wedding day and let’s face it, you don’t need one more thing to stress you out on your wedding day, do you??

09. We see how you photograph best in a relaxed setting. Every couple is different and your photos will be unique to you. The Engagement Session helps me learn about your style – what you like and don’t like- so that on your wedding day I have a plan to make your photos really special, in a style you love.

08. You get to know me and become more comfortable in front of the camera. As your wedding photographer I will be spending most of the day with you – from getting ready to your reception. The Engagement Session is a great way for us to get to know each other before your wedding and will help you understand how I work and what you can expect on your wedding day. Being more comfortable with me will translate to your photos.

07. Holiday greeting cards or gifts for family and friends. Parents always appreciate photographs of their children. We can even make a small album or coffee table book of your images.

06. Use your engagement photos for Save The Date announcement cards or magnets, invitations or wedding programs.

05. Custom Sign-In Guest Book. Instead of a boring guest book, why not have a custom made book designed with your photos and lots of room for your guests to sign?

04. Display a beautifully framed image at your wedding. “Greet” your guests as they enter your reception – with a big signature frame! Featuring an image from your Engagement Session, framed with a wide mat. Your guest can also sign on your mat and you have a very personal artwork to display in your home after the wedding.

03. Test your hair and makeup… You might want to schedule your hair and makeup test done on the same day as your engagement session. This way you get to see how your hair and makeup look in photos and you can let your hair stylist and make-up artist know if there is anything you would like to change.

02. A great reason to go shopping and to take a break from wedding planning, budgeting, picking flowers, tracking down vendors, stuffing envelopes and just spend time with your loved one. It’s like a date on steroids!!… You get to be all mushy and lovey-dovey and get great keepsakes of those moments!

01. Who doesn’t need more photos? Maybe the last time you had professional pictures made were senior portraits and you’ve likely never had professional photos made as a couple. This is a chance to provide mode decor for your home!

…Ready to schedule your engagement session? Contact me and let’s plan your perfect engagement photo experience!

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