No Tripod? No Problem… Try This Quick Tip

Photofocus (old site)

From time to time I find myself without a tripod.  Perhaps I was traveling light… or maybe I just want to try a new angle.  One of my favorite places to shoot is low to the ground… but I’m not crazy about laying in the dirt and making a human speed bump for passerbys to trip over.

Take this shot of a carousel in Tokyo Disneyland.  While the Japanese sure love their cameras, the  No Tripod Movement has gone international. While I showed up at the park with a small tripod and a monopod, both had to be checked with security.


In order to pull of the shot, I needed a long exposure.  I wanted the slow moving carousel to become a streak of lights.  I also needed to lose the crowds of people milling about.  A 15-second exposure did just that…  but even on my best day I can’t…

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