“Can YOU Handle It” Pro Tennis Exhibition

Can YOU Handle It?On Saturday October 22, 2011, Gold Key Racquet Club in Phoenix, Arizona hosted a pro tennis exhibition featuring Brian Battistone, Trent Aaron, Nicolas Legros and Jason Gerardo.

Brian Battistone has a career high ranking of 88 on the ATP Tour dating back to 2010 but is better known for his volleyball-styled jump serve and his use of a two-handled tennis racquet. It was quite a treat for our local tennis fans to see him in action.

The exhibition format allowed him to partner with each of the other player in a fun match. Trent Aaron also regularly uses a two-handled tennis racquet and has also played on the pro tour. Nicolas Legros, originally from France, is currently the Assistant Tennis Coach at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix and is a former top 10-ranked NCAA Division player. Jason Gerardo, born and raised in Arizona, was a top ranked junior in the Southwest and is currently the Junior Tennis Director at Gold Key Racquet Club.

Brian Battistone uses a volleyball-styled jump serve where he jumps in on court, switches racquet hand in mid-air and hits the ball before landing on the court.

You can enjoy all the images from that special evening in the following gallery.





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