2010 Half Moon’s Halloween Costume Parties

This year, the Half Moon Sports Grill held a Halloween party at each of their Phoenix location. Friday October 29th was at the Highland location in Central Phoenix and then they did it again on Saturday October 30th at the Greenway location in North Phoenix. Studio Laurent was there to capture both events on camera… What a busy but fun weekend!!!

Half Moon's Halloween Costume Parties

Both parties saw a great crowd with some very interesting costumes to say the least, many folks went all out and put a lot of thought into their costumes. The costume contests held at each locations were both wild and loud as prizes were awarded on the basis of cheering decibels!!… Images will soon be viewable on the Half Moon Sports Grill website and as usual you will also be able to order prints and downloads of your favorite images via the StudioLaurent.com website or directly from the Half Moon Greenway or Highland image galleries. Also don’t forget to visit the Half Moon Sports Grill Facebook page to become a fan and stay in touch for future events and specials!


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