Weekend in Serbia with Vesna and Bojan

I traveled to Serbia this past weekend!!!… Well not physically but I truly felt like I was in good old Europe for a day. In one of the few european country that I have never visited. Saturday October 9th, while being my birthday, was also the much anticipated wedding day of Vesna and Bojan. Their wedding was definitely an experience to remember, similar to the adventure of traveling to an unknown country with a language totally foreign to me… and I loved every minute of it!!!

The wedding was amazing and filled with joy, love, traditions, LOTS of food and LOTS of music, singing and dancing among friends and family. This was much more than a simple wedding, this was truly the merging of two families in the purest of european traditions. There were so many events throughout the day between the families that lead to the wedding ceremony and then afterward during the reception as well. This was an obvious case of the families welcoming one another. I am multilingual with a lot of international experience but I do not speak of word of Serbian, even after about 10 hours spent in a Serbian-only speaking environment!!!… However I could definitely feel the welcoming and the love that these two families were offering each other.

Vesna and Bojan had warned me when we first discussed their wedding plans and I photographed their engagement session in April that their wedding would be nothing like I ever experienced before… and they were right!… Over 350 guests were in attendance, the reception was filled with traditional Serbian food, music and dancing until late in the night… And I barely heard any English spoken throughout the day… I loved it!!… I just let my cameras speak for me and there were no communication problems whatsoever!

Below are a few of the many images from this wonderful wedding… More pictures can be seen and prints ordered via Pictage by clicking here. Also don’t miss the slideshow at the bottom of this post!


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